Established in 2016, this excellent weekend is a top hit with the innovative entrepreneurs of the Club.


Curated by Club Patron  Tom Boardman, the Lambay Games is an hilarious and fun-filled weekend of forging new friendships, cementing old ones and getting a proper mental and physical break from the demands of the entrepreneur's life.

A brilliant mixture of disciplines to compete in throughout the weekend on Lambay including Bocce, Competitive Wine Tasting, Portrait Painting, Lambay Cocktail Competition, Mafia, Perudo, Wildlife Photography, Race to the Summit, Table Tennis, Best Costume, Best Weekend Contribution... to name just a few, and you can opt out of any that don't sound like fun to you without it affecting your scoring.

The winner gets a bottle of Lambay Whiskey and their name carved on the Lambay Games Trophy!


Many of our Islanders are young investors or entrepreneurs now looking to invest what they have earned back into interesting projects, with a particular focus on positive global impact.

In the city, their only opportunities for networking are sadly lacking in a very important factor: the time to build authentic and trusting relationships outside of their immediate circles.


Once a year, we invite a select group to come together on Lambay for a weekend of high quality and genuine interaction in a deeply inspiring environment. This is an opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs within the Lambay network to build relationships that can widen their horizons and investment opportunities.

Island exploration, brainstorming sessions, delicious home-cooked dinners and fireside games all contribute to this incredible meeting of the minds.


Sometimes the best way to be healthy is to take a break from all the working, exercising, dieting and regimenting... and go to a place of outstanding natural beauty with fantastic people, kick back and enjoy some really delicious food and drink.


So this weekend is dedicated to the responsible and sustainable foraging and eating of fresh, seasonal seafood around Lambay (lobster, crab, line-caught fish, seaweeds).  Meals will be paired with excellent wines from independent, family owned wineries who farm with care and pride and selected by a very special guest wine connoisseur.


If the seas are flat, you can also enjoy a a round-the-island trip with the legendary Eamon McGrattan, whose fishing boat comes fully equipped with an onboard BBQ and plenty of cold beers.  This offers an unparalleled opportunity to take in the striking cliffs and extraordinary birdlife of Lambay at angles not visible from on the island.

The rest of the weekend is dedicated to relaxed island walks, afternoon tea in the sunshine, whiskey and inspiring conversation by the fire.


Some people believe in luck; some people in fate. Others believe that if you want something enough and are willing to work for it, you can always get it. What all of these have in common is this: your state of mind is unquestionably linked to the outcome of your efforts.

In our midst, we are lucky enough to have a few Club Facilitators with exceptional skills in disciplines that require great strength of mind and a willingness to not just think outside the box, but to step right out of the box and close the lid firmly behind them.

Through their explorations, they have discovered that we all have the power within our minds to improve and enrich our lives, if we are willing to shift our perspectives just a little.

Join me for a thought-provoking and beautifully inspiring weekend with Rubens Filho (Founder & Master of Spells @ The Abracademy), Michael Regan (Reiki Master) and Mark Robinson, serial entrepreneur and our third ever Patron - he joined the Lambay Club as part of a big movement to change his life through intention and the power of the mind.

Discussions and workshops will be interspersed with delicious meals and island walks where the conversation flows naturally. Michael will also be offering individual Reiki sessions to anyone interested for an additional fee.


Reiki is an extraordinary skill, steeped in ancient mystery and history and not without its social stigmas in Western society.

But whether you are a seasoned recipient of Reiki or a cynical pragmatist, this weekend is an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy the company of excellent humans who are interested in what can be achieved through the power of the mind.


Inspired by the fact that our Lambay Whiskey is now a global phenomenon and popping up front and centre in many Duty Free shops around the world, 2020 sees an island distillery going into the old Potting Sheds on Lambay.


The plan is to run the distillery entirely on renewable energy, as we work on improving the island's off-grid system.


This is a weekend dedicated to the future fruits of our distillery! Fun masterclasses, tastings and food pairing sessions led by three fantastic Islanders: spirits connoisseur,  Vaughan Yates, wine aficionado Jamie Collins (The Wine Beagle) and our most amazing island chef, Lottie Brook.

The weekend also includes a private view of the (always locked) bonded Sea Cask Room where our own Single Malt is matured, and a taste of the cask strength nectar - a special Lambay Club perk!

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