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"From much-needed time away for head-space and inspiration to making dynamic, forward-thinking new friends, being a Member of this community has provoked a shift in my artistic thinking that I now carry with me every day."

- Jessica Dannheisser, Composer for Film/Theatre/TV

"The ineffable energy of Lambay will stay with you far longer than you can imagine. It reminds you to think bigger; to live and laugh and dream."

- Lottie Brook, Private Chef

"From now on, all my flights from USA to UK will go via Dublin for a stay in  this magical place."

- Teese Gohl, Composer

"This is the only club I've ever deemed worthy of joining. Let's go!"


- Yonatan Raz-Fridman, Co-Founder of KANO

"The relationships I've formed on Lambay would never have developed in London. Spending a whole weekend  with someone in a magical place creates  a far stronger connection than a few hours in a networking room."


- Tom Boardman, Co-Founder & CIO of

to reach

leads to better

produces better

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"What an amazing place, and what a fabulous stay.  Thanks to Millie and all who provided us with such hospitality.  We came as an international board on a strategic retreat to write and create a document that captured our purpose and future. The wild landscapes, the beauty and the wonderful house, food, fires and warmth helped us produce something very special. Thank you so much we will come again!"

- Dr. Simon Western, President of ISPSO

"I loved the wildness of the seascape around the island, the thrilling RIB boat ride as tide met northerly Irish sea winds from Greenland! Walks encountering two bulls (behind fencing), 100 wallabies, three leaping stags, a ton of woolly sheep and a very welcoming log fire-side - all this made thoughts and ideas flow through our team."

Richard Morgan-Jones, ISPSO

"Singing from the kitchen provided musical accompaniment to a delicious menu and the comfortable, warm beds and vast bathrooms (and baths) created 5-star comfort to nurture the inner child trying to be in a very adult and strenuous world that our strategy sought to address.

"In short: it worked. It was heart-warming. Nature and nurture created just the ambience we needed to take our ideas and team forward."

Richard Morgan-Jones, Organisational Consultant, Author and Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist

"The feedback [from course participants] was terrific and all went away with lovely memories of their time on the island."

- Corina Grace Consulting


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