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Our Retreats offer intimate and highly bespoke opportunities to unplug from your busy schedules and take stock.  Lambay is about going off-grid and reconnecting with yourself, as well as the people and the natural world around you.  Practise yoga by the seals, season your meals with fresh, organic island ingredients, write your next literary masterpiece among the wallabies!


On Lambay we embrace a more responsible and sustainable attitude towards living.  By immersing yourself in an off-grid, self-sustaining environment you reconnect with your surroundings and start to pay better attention to living well.


Plastic and waste is discouraged; recycling and responsible, seasonal consumption is encouraged!  All our retreats are relaxed, informal and designed to allow people to switch off, unwind and enjoy a memorable island adventure with inspiring people.


Lambay Retreats are open to non-members, however Lambay Club Members receive preferential rates, with additional discounts for Patrons.  For more information on each Retreat, please visit the webpages below:

Your space is secured once we have received a deposit or full payment.  Please ensure you have read the Booking Terms & Conditions.

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