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“Giving is not just about making a donation.  It is about making a difference.”

- Kathy Calvin


CLUB PATRONS are the cornerstones of the Club and are very carefully selected because they have the highest level of access and freedom to enjoy Lambay as a friend of the island.  Without these amazing and generous individuals, who believe in the magic of Lambay and in the team behind her, the Lambay Club and all it represents would not be possible.

Patrons make a financial contribution that goes towards the Club’s non-profit activities to promote a more responsible and sustainable way of living, while reminding people that quality of life is a crucial part of living well.


Patron Contributions for 1 year:

  • €1,000 for Private Patron (or €100 p/month)

  • €2,500 for Corporate Patron (or €250 p/month)

  • €500 for Founding or Under 30s Patron (or €50 p/month)


How Patron Contributions Are Spent:

  • 25% goes to rejuvenating and operating the Lambay Kitchen Gardens so that we can grow organic, sustainable fresh produce for Club members, island residents and other guests.

  • 25% goes to the running of the Lambay Club and your complimentary Patron visit within the year.

  • 25% to running the island recycling system and green hospitality - where possible, we use sustainable and eco-friendly products (cleaning equipment, bathroom products for guests), which unfortunately are still more costly than the non-green alternatives currently available to the hospitality sector.

Further information on Patron Perks is available on request for successful applicants to the Club. 

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