“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”

- Kathy Calvin


CLUB PATRONS are at the heart of this community, and deserve a huge shout out: they are the amazing and generous individuals who believe in the magic of Lambay and in the team behind her. Without them, the Lambay Club and all it represents would not be possible.

Patrons make a financial contribution towards the Lambay Club that lasts for one year (recommended amount for individuals is €1,000 / for small-medium organisations €2,500). This helps us to fund non-profit events and retreats focused on protecting the Earth, the individual and humanity.


Their contributions help us to cover the costs of exceptional guest speakers or special guests at fundraising and Patron events, and allow us to run the Club as well as our island hospitality and retreats in as green and eco-friendly a manner as possible. This includes:


  • using eco-friendly products for

    • house cleaning and maintenance

    • guest hand wash, cream, bubble bath, shower gel, loo roll and other bathroom necessities

    • kitchen washing up liquids, hand wash, non-plastic cleaning apparatus, biodegradable composting bags, etc

  • running an efficient recycling system on the island (plastics, glass, cans, paper/card, compost, cooked food waste);

  • maintaining our green energy system (wind and solar) for all electricity and partial heating on the island;

  • as of next year, pending enough funds, getting our kitchen garden back up and running so that as much food as possible can be sourced from the island itself instead of brought over from the mainland, covered in plastic!!


Patrons become a named and valued enabler of a movement towards protecting the planet, the individual and humanity. Instead of talking about the need for change, the Lambay Club implements real change within its community, giving members guidance, skills and tools to improve their way of life and to have a more positive impact on the planet, themselves and their societies.


As a Patron (valid for one year), you receive:

  • one complimentary space on a Club Weekend (worth €650) or a private stay as a guest in the Castle

  • 20% discounts on most of the Lambay Retreats (excludes Island Writing and Press Pause Retreats)

  • access to book Lambay Castle privately without hiring the whole island (only available to Club Patrons)

  • 20% off the already heavily discounted Private Rates for any Lambay bookings - 10% of this is reinvested into the island's green-energy infrastructure, and 10% is removed from your booking fee

  • invitations to Club networking events hosted by Club Ambassadors in their home towns

  • a personal invitation to the annual Club Patrons event in London OR an annual Patrons Lunch on Lambay

  • an annual Newsletter updating you on the Island's and the Club's progress and achievements

  • access to the inspirational and well-connected community of Lambay Club members with personal introductions on request.


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