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Michael Acton-Smith 2.jpg
Michael Acton-Smith

Founding Ambassador & Super-Patron since 2016

Michael Acton Smith OBE is the current co-CEO and co-Founder of, a widely successful meditation space company. He is also co-founded alongside Tom Boardman, another of our treasured Founding Patrons.

Michael has been on our Club Committee since day one back in 2016, and in 2019 also became a very generous Patron to the Club. His work in mental health and wellbeing is a fantastic reflection on the Lambay Club mission!

Laura Hately-Jones.jpg
Laura Hately-Jones

Club Patron since 2019

Laura discovered Lambay through a YIGS event in London. She is a web designer, mother of two boys and a firm believer in leaving the world a better place than you found it. She is passionate about the environment and believes the Lambay Club is playing a part in protecting the planet by leading by example. Also has a great sense of humour, as you'll discover if you're ever lucky enough to visit Lambay in her fine company.

Veronica Rosu.jpg
Verónica Rosu

Club Patron since 2019

Verónica joined us for our first ever Investor Brainstorming weekend on Lambay and her response to hearing the Lambay story was to immediately sign up as a Patron and start working on her own ideas to help us succeed.

Veronica is a writer, world traveller and expert in change, personal and organisational.  As a person she is inspirational, energetic and inquisitive. Combining a deep interest in sustainability and human capital, she has spent over 13 years designing and implementing strategic change in banking, energy and leadership development. Outside of work she loves to write, meditate, deepen her exploration of embodied leadership and spend time in nature.

Teese Gohl.jpg
Teese Gohl

Founding Patron since 2017

Teese is one of our treasured Founder Members, who joined the Club after spending a magical weekend on Lambay with good friends. Teese is a wildly talented composer, orchestrator and producer with some epic film soundtracks under his belt. Teese and his wife Vicky are amazing eco-warriors and offer us huge support in what we are doing.

Cathal Friel & Raglan Capital

Founding Patron since 2017

Cathal joined up in the early days and since then he and his team at Ragland Capital in Dublin have shown huge support to Lambay. Each year they host at least one intimate dinner on Lambay for their extraordinary network of business professionals based in Dublin and across the globe. These brilliant dinners start with a Lambay Castle Tour and culminate with guest speaker Enda O'Coineen, first Irishman to single handedly sail around the world, sharing his extraordinary story with us and showing a video diary of his adventures.

29. Jed Rose_edited.jpg
Jed Rose

Founding Patron since 2016

Jed is a highly sought-after Tech CEO and a very active member of our Club with a fantastic sense of humour and a love of improv. Originally from the US, he is now based in London where he regularly hands over his beautiful apartment to host Club Dinners, complete with amazing lighting and sound systems and a beautiful panoramic view of London from his penthouse terrace (did we mention there is a fire pit and a hot tub?). Jed also organises fun trips to the theatre to see his favourite Fringe Festival winners when they come to London, and is a key competitor in the annual Lambay Games (winner 2018)!

Joe Devine

Founding Patron since 2016


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