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Our Islanders are bold, innovative and imaginative individuals who excel in their industries, push boundaries, and wish to bridge the gaps between disciplines in order to protect the Earth and enrich the future of humanity. 


Islanders share a common love of learning, sharing, experiencing and living life to the full without negatively impacting the environment.  Together, we offer each other and the world an unparalleled combination of skills, knowledge, ideas and experience.


“To live for a time close to great minds is the best kind of education.”

- John Buchan



There are four types of membership, allowing for a rich and diverse network of creative and industrious individuals who each contribute in the manner that is most effective and suitable to them.

• Patrons make a financial contribution •

• Facilitators run their own retreats or workshops on Lambay •

• Ambassadors co-host Club Weekends on Lambay and commit to marketing the Lambay Retreats and the Club within their own trusted networks •

• Island Angels invest in or donate to a specific Lambay project on a larger scale •

More information on Membership Perks is available on request by successful applicants to the Club.

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