All Islanders are subject to approval and promise to bring something of value to the table for each year that they continue to be part of the network. There are many ways to contribute, but we have broken it down into three simple categories that will enable us to achieve our goals. You are welcome to contribute in more than one of these ways if a combination suits you best.


Island Patrons make a financial contribution to the Club, which goes strictly towards the basic running costs of the network-ing events, as well as financing renewable and eco-friendly products for use on the island and at Club events.

This is a vital contribution and without it the Club and all we are aiming to achieve would not be possible. So if you can  make a financial contribution, then please do!

We recommend a minimum contribution of €500 for the year (more if you can); if it must be less, you can always combine with a Facilitator or Ambassador contribution.

Island Patrons also get a 20% discount off the Lambay Private rental rates and discounts on Lambay Retreats.


Island Facilitators contribute by running a course or retreat on Lambay, or co-hosting a Club Weekend on the island with a theme of interest to the network.

Some examples of existing Facilitator contributions include Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Live Music, Social Media Strategy, Cryptocurrency, Guided Gin/Whiskey & Wine Tastings, Writing Retreats, Foraging, Cooking, Fishing and Therapeutic Workshops.

We are always open to new suggestions, as these add something special and unique to our weekends on the island.


Perhaps you don't have the money or a specific skill to share, but you really love what we're doing and would like to contribute your time, influence and enthusiasm to helping Lambay.

There are many ways to help: if you are a person of influence, you can spread the word about Lambay and our network, and encourage new and interesting people to join us.

If you have fundraising experience, you might like to get involved in helping us fundraise for improvements on the island's green energy systems, or restoring the old Lutyens tennis courts.

If you have another idea of how you might contribute, just let us know and we will be happy to consider any suggestions.




Please ensure you have read the Club Rules, Terms & Conditions before submitting your application, as you will then be bound by them from the moment your application has been accepted.

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