It takes a surprisingly rare combination of positive attributes to be admitted into this community and there is no margin for error; when you’re on an off-grid island with an intimate group of strangers, the calibre of your companions is key.

This community is based on strong morals, generosity of spirit and a love of life. Without these core values, the dynamic falls apart. But with them, magic happens.

Truth. Integrity. Generosity. Loyalty. Tenacity. Vision. Connectivity. Kindness.

"We believe the greatest potential lies in the intersection between industries and disciplines. To unleash that potential requires breaking out of social norms. It requires space, time and freedom from the constraints of Who We Are based on What We Do; it requires finding a new common ground outside of   those parameters, fostered by laughter and new experiences. This is why we created the Lambay Island Club." 

- Millie Baring, Founder & Director

Our core community is a hand-crafted network of bold, innovative and imaginative individuals who excel in their industries and wish to bridge the gaps between disciplines. They share a common love of learning, sharing, experiencing and living life to the full. Together, they offer each other and the world an unparalleled combination of capabilities, knowledge and experience. Think "Burning Man" ethos but gentler and greener.




Our network relies on individuals with varied skills and backgrounds but who share a common passion for hard work, community and looking after the planet we live on. By bringing them together, we can achieve more.

Tech  Publishing  Music  Art  Science  Architecture  Design  Renewable.Energy  Film&TV  SustainabilityMedicine  Cryptocurrency  Psychology  Law  Education  Politics  Investment  Consultancy

Below is a list of disciplines already covered by current members. We welcome new members who will complement and enhance the existing network.

Oxford (UK) & St. Tropez (France)

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