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“The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

- W. B. Yeats


CLUB FACILITATORS co-host Lambay Retreats or Club Weekends around themes that fit with our ethos and their skill sets.  They are crucial in implementing our movement towards protecting the Earth, nurturing the individual and improving humanity by teaching and sharing their skills and knowledge with our community.

Facilitators must design, curate and host a Lambay Retreat or co-host a Club Weekend on Lambay within the year.  It is the Facilitators responsibility to fill as many spaces on their Retreats as possible, with support from our network.  In this way they give back to Lambay by creating a booking which fits with the island ethos, and to the Club by providing a positive-impact experience and new skills for our members.


As a Facilitator, you can book Lambay for your own unique island retreats and courses at the highly preferential Private Rates plus a 20% discount to help with retreat finances.  You will receive full logistical support and assistance of the Lambay hospitality team.  Alternatively, you can co-host a Club Weekend and offer workshops, sessions or activities to our Club members during their stay.

Further information about Facilitator Perks as well as discount venue rates, facilities and logistics is available on request by successful applicants to the Club.


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