The Club's annual calendar is focused around regular Island Gatherings on Lambay for 10-12 people.  Some weekends are for unplugging and building deep and lasting connections within the network; others are for embracing a more responsible and sustainable attitude towards living by immersing yourself in an off-grid, self-sustaining environment.


Plastic and waste is discouraged; recycling and responsible, seasonal consumption is encouraged! All weekends are relaxed, informal and designed to allow people to switch off, unwind and enjoy a memorable island adventure with inspiring people.

To attend Lambay Retreats, you must either be a member of the Lambay Club or be invited through the Retreat Facilitator's platform or network.


To attend Club Weekends on Lambay, you must either be a member of the Lambay Club (an Islander), or be an approved guest of an existing Islander. Islanders are strongly encouraged to bring special guests to further enrich our community.



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