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Please ensure you have read the Booking Terms & Conditions carefully before making a Lambay Retreat or Club Weekend booking as you will be bound by them once any payment has been made to the Club or to Lambay Estate Company.



The following Island Rules must be read and adhered to when visiting Lambay, whether for a day trip or a residential stay:

  • Never board a transfer to or from Lambay in an intoxicated state

  • Be wary and respectful of livestock, in particular BULLS, on the island

  • Conserve water where possible (sourced from our own natural spring)

  • Beware of crumbly cliffs and strong tides - seek advice before swimming

  • Remove outdoor shoes when inside the Castle, Whitehouse or Cottages

  • Refrain from posting any photographs or videos of people or buildings online for public view (interior photography is strictly prohibited)

  • Always take your mobile phone when out walking, and inform someone if you intend to go walking alone

  • Be careful with sewage waste - flush nothing but organic matter and loo roll; sanitary bags and bins are provided

  • Do not smoke inside; smoking pots are provided outdoors near buildings

  • Recycle clean rubbish where possible using our labelled recycling systems

  • Beware of falling branches in wooded areas during high winds

  • Stay well away from Danger Zones including the farm buildings and the two derelict hill cottages (please also refrain from taking photos of these areas)

  • Respect the privacy of other guests and residents on the island; in particular do not take any unsolicited photographs of the island guests or staff without their permission

  • In an emergency, do not call 999 or 112 - contact a resident or member of Lambay staff immediately


To secure your place on a residential Lambay Retreat or Club Weekend, a non-refundable booking deposit (usually of 20%) must be paid at the time of booking and the balance 6 weeks prior to the retreat commencement date.

Your place on the retreat/weekend is only secured once the relevant payment has been made and you receive a booking confirmation from us by email.  If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of reserving your place and paying the deposit, please email



For the smooth running of the retreats/weekends, we ask you to honour your commitment.  However, if a change to your booking can not be avoided for genuine reasons, the following policies apply:

  • more than 6 weeks in advance - 80% refund

  • more than 4 weeks in advance - 70% refund

  • more than 3 weeks in advance - 50% refund

  • more than 2 weeks in advance - 20% refund

  • 2 weeks or less in advance - no refund


If we are able to fill your space with another paying guest in time, we will refund your full payment minus any bank charges incurred by the Club.

You are also welcome to transfer your ticket to a trusted and suitable friend. Please email and let us know the name, email address and contact number of the person who will be taking your place.


If you cancel your retreat/weekend you must do so by email to informing us of the cancellation and the reason for cancellation. The date of cancellation will be counted from the receipt date of the email (the date the email is received by us).

If you cannot make the retreat/weekend due to weather conditions that affect your travel to the Lambay boats, i.e. natural circumstances which are outside of our control, storms, high winds, snow, flight cancellations, etc, we regret that we will not be able to offer you a refund. The event will still go ahead for those that can travel and all costs of rent, staff, food, etc, still need to be paid. We thank you for your understanding and, if possible, we may offer you a space on a future retreat at no extra cost but this is subject to availability.



If we are forced to change the retreat/weekend dates or cancel a retreat/weekend for circumstances within our control, you can choose to transfer to another retreat/weekend or you can opt for a refund.

If we are forced to cancel a retreat/weekend due to a natural disaster or circumstances beyond our control, i.e. weather conditions such as flooding, drought, snow, storms, high winds affecting boat transfers, etc, or disruption to power, a refund will not be given, however the retreat/weekend will be postponed and a new retreat/weekend date will be set and your payment will be transferred to the new date. If you are unable to make that date, we will do our best to fill your space and, if successful, refund your payment less any bank charges incurred by the Club.

We highly recommend that you obtain travel insurance cover to protect against any eventuality.



The retreat/weekend price includes all meals, accommodation, facilitator workshops, sessions, etc. Boat transfers to/from Lambay at the beginning and end of the retreat/weekend are usually included, unless specifically stated otherwise.


One of the reasons you chose to come to the retreat was that you saw photographs on social media or on the website of great food and guests enjoying workshops and other activities.  The retreats/weekends would not look the same if we didn’t include our guests in the photographs.  On some retreats/weekends, photographs will be taken to share with the guests and to use for promotional purposes.  By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and by attending the retreat, guests are agreeing to allow photographs to be taken of themselves during workshops, sessions, meal times and other activities on the retreat. Further, guests agree to these images being used by the RIC and Lambay Estate Company in any and all promotional uses and in perpetuity.  Of course, we use our discretion while taking photos and the photography is not intrusive.  We also use discretion when choosing the photographs which we use for promotional purposes to ensure they are flattering and acceptable.

Conversely, we attempt to keep all media coverage of our retreats/weekends to a very high standard, while encouraging our guests to switch off from their electronic devices and stay in the moment.  Therefore we politely request that you do not post any of your own photos on social media while attending any of our retreats/weekends.  This is also to protect the privacy of other guests, and to adhere to the strict Lambay Island media policy, which does not permit any photos of the buildings (exterior or interior) or people on Lambay to be posted on any social media or public platforms.


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