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“Be kind to strangers, because it’s the loving thing to do. Also, you never know – they could be angels.”

- Scott Curran


Our Island Angels invest in or donate to a specific Lambay Project to help us build on our Mission of protecting the planet, the self and society.  In return, Angels receive specific perks relating to their Lambay Project, as well as public recognition for the good they are doing and special access to enjoy Lambay with their own private groups.  They also receive all the benefits available to Club Patrons.


Minimum spend is €25k, which can be reduced to €10k if you successfully refer another Island Angel.  Companies and private individuals are both eligible.


Angels become a named and celebrated donor and are invited to a special annual networking event to thank them and update them on project progress.  Those interested are also invited to speak about their own businesses or projects at our fundraiser events.


Lambay's Off-Grid Renewable Energy System

  • Donate to improving the island’s existing renewable energy system with state-of-the-art equipment that can power the entire island.  The current system relies on wind and solar and inefficient battery storage, but there is scope for tidal power that would power the whole island and more, while acting as a showcase and example to larger communities.

Revelstoke Island Drinks Co

  • Invest in the Revelstoke Island Drinks Co Ltd to make bespoke island vodka, gin and non-alcoholic spirits using the island’s green-powered distillery (installation postponed by COVID-19 to 2021).

Gertrude Jekyll Kitchen Gardens & Conservatories

  • Invest in or donate to fully revamping the Gertrude Jekyll kitchen gardens on Lambay and reinstalling the conservatories and greenhouses, complete with intimate dining facilities.

  • Allow the island to produce enough organic fruit and veg to be able to feed all visitors, drastically reducing the carbon footprint created by purchasing from mainland supermarkets, where produce is sold wrapped in plastic.

  • Creating an exclusive, off-grid dining experience with all produce grown, foraged or farmed on the island.

Renovate the Lambay Hill Cottages

  • Donate to renovating the two derelict hill cottages on Lambay, complete with entirely off-grid renewable energy systems.

Rogerstown Pier Project

  • Invest in the island's property on the estuary in Rush, which comprises a private pier and a large building that has scope for accommodation and hospitality (café, Lambay shop, waiting room for Lambay visitors).

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