“Do your little bit of good where you are;
it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

- Desmond Tutu


The CLUB AMBASSADOR role is usually by invitation only, however if you believe you have something exceptional to offer our community outside of the Patron and Facilitator roles, then please feel free to apply.


Ambassadors are individuals who may not be in a position to become a Club Patron or Facilitator, but who believe passionately in the Lambay Club mission and wish to support by offering their time, connections or expertise in a way that truly benefits the Club and Lambay.


Ambassadors help to spread the word among their networks about Lambay, our mission and the retreats and events we run. They keep an eye out for potential Patrons and Facilitators and either co-host a weekend on Lambay inviting a selection of their most trusted contacts, or host a dinner in their home towns for existing Islanders and potential new members.


Ambassadors are crucial to enriching the network, widening the community and ensuring the Patrons and Facilitators benefit from being Islanders through the connections they make within the Lambay network.

As an Ambassador, you can:

  • receive 10% commission on any private/corporate bookings you bring in for Lambay - 5% of this is reinvested into the island's green infrastructure in your name;

  • co-host Club Weekends and invite suitable and trusted connections who fit the Club profile and ethos;

  • apply for a heavily subsidised/sponsored space on one Lambay Retreat or Club Weekend per year;

  • benefit from unique opportunities to expand your network within a carefully curated group of successful and trustworthy entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and other creatives, in return for offering our network your skills, knowledge or creative talents;

  • enjoy the position of "gatekeeper" to Lambay by vouching for your contacts who wish to book the island for their own private or corporate events.

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