Build friendships and professional relationships with bold-thinking, creative and driven individuals who are making a positive global impact in the ways that genuinely make a difference.


Lambay is off the coast of Dublin, Ireland and approximately 10 miles north-east of Dublin Airport.

Getting there is simple, and takes 20 minutes by road from the airport then 20 minutes by speed boat.

There is a 500m grass air strip on the island, suitable for private aircraft (6 seater or smaller). There is also space to land helicopters.

Lambay is entirely off-grid and run partly on renewable energy generated through wind and solar power.

The island boats impressively strong wi-fi, allowing for productivity to continue in a secluded and self-sustaining environment.


You don't have to live on an island to be an Islander.


Our network is made up of individuals from all over the world who live fast-paced, modern lives but wish to raise consciousness and reconnect humans with our planet. People who understand the fundamental laws that bind us to everything and everyone around us. There is no escaping the way our world has evolved - demanding jobs, madly busy lifestyles, non-stop demand through phones and laptops, and unbounded consumerism with no thought for the consequences. But all of this can be tempered, and with the right support our behaviour as a species can be guided and improved.

The Island Club is for bold-thinking, open-minded but sensitive people who work hard, play hard and believe in sharing what they have to offer, knowing it will come back to them in other ways.


Intimate gatherings on Lambay Island are at the core of our annual events. Within easy reach of our busy working lives and yet a world apart once there, a gathering on Lambay takes us to a transformed level of thinking and creates a bonding sense of trust and shared experience within the group. This, in turn, creates a self-perpetuating circle of productivity and wellbeing that we can take back into our everyday lives.



We are a hand-crafted network of bold, innovative and imaginative individuals who excel in our industries and wish to bridge the gaps between disciplines, share our knowledge and skills, learn from each other and solve the big questions of the future. Our commonalities lie in our bold thinking, bright ideas, quick wit and love of adventure.

"We believe the greatest potential lies in the intersection between industries and disciplines. To unleash that potential requires breaking out of social norms. It requires space, time and freedom from the constraints of Who We Are based on What We Do; finding a new common ground outside of  those parameters. This is why The Island Club exists." - Millie Baring, Founder & Director

We have shaped our growing network through word of mouth and referrals to form a powerful and impactful community: exceptional individuals from the worlds of tech, publishing, music, art, science, architecture, design, renewable energy, medicine, film and TV, advertising, psychology, cryptocurrency, law, politics, education, investment and more.

The Islander network remains small, in order to maintain a genuine connection and flow between us as well as with Lambay island; also to ensure that Islanders always have regular access to their private, off-grid paradise on earth.



Lambay is where the Experience of the Past meets the Ambition of the Present,

to drive the Potential of the Future.

This is our environment: no links to the mainland; no shops, no commerce. A wind turbine and solar panels for green energy. Extraordinary Ned Lutyens architecture designed by a genius eye; luxurious beds and bathrooms with off-grid hot water and heating. A mob of wallabies, fallow and black-back deer, puffins and hundreds of pupping seals.


Offering unparalleled seclusion and privacy in which to unplug and re-wild, while still being within easy reach of Dublin city and airport, Lambay is the perfect place for retreats, courses and off-site gatherings to free up the mind and get the creative juices flowing.

A stay on Lambay provides greater clarity and more efficient productivity. It reminds us that we are connected to the Earth and to Nature. The mind benefits from a break from the "norm", tapping into parts of the brain that we barely use in the day to day and allowing us to think differently.


First, we collect all the finest human specimens we can find and create an environment in which they can development friendships, connections and ideas.


Then we go B.I.G:

Once the network is established and the Club is self-sustaining, we will launch the B.I.G. (Big Ideas Generation) Series. This will be a chance for companies and organisations to tap into our incredible network of brains, brawn and creative flow to help solve some of the challenges facing businesses in this era of Raising Consciousness: it's time to reverse the damage we've done to the planet, and the clock is against us. How can we make this happen before it's too late?

The B.I.G. Series will be tackling some of the more controversial but urgent subjects of our time: Vitamins vs. Nature, Vegan Cosmetics vs. Traditional, Business Models: Charity vs. Social Impact and Education Models: Dutch vs. French vs. British.

More information will soon be available on our B.I.G. page.


If what you've read makes you feel alive and excited, then join us! All Islanders contribute to the cause in one of three ways (or a combination) - Money, Skills or Time. This allows us to build a rich and diverse network of creative and industrious individuals who each contribute in the manner that is most effective and suitable to them.

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