Welcome to the Lambay Club

Protecting the Earth, the Self and Humanity.


We are Islanders.

We are a supportive network of bold, creative and free thinkers.

We seek to find answers and solutions to the problems surrounding humanity’s

impact on the planet as well as society, and implement them through learning and then leading.

We value joy, adventure, and truth.


We invite people to experience and practise living life in a joyful,

responsible and connected manner.

We create an environment in which they can care for themselves and build

meaningful relationships with likeminded people from varied disciplines and backgrounds.

We encourage them to take what they learn back into their

daily lives, their relationships and their work.

We facilitate and support them as leaders and ambassadors for more authentic way of living.



“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

- Margaret Mead


In the words of Satish Kumar, inspired by the Baghavad Gita, we seek to protect and promote:

SOIL ~ caring for the natural environment

SOUL ~ maintaining personal wellbeing

SOCIETY ~ upholding human values

To lead by example and encourage humanity to pursue quality over quantity, to be mindful and respectful of the impact of our actions - what we do, what we consume, what waste we create; but also, to do what makes us feel enriched and grateful to be alive. To give back. 


To act as a guiding beacon for the rest of the world to take strength from us and follow in our footsteps towards a richer, happier and wiser future.



We carefully curate Retreats and Networking Weekends on the extraordinary private, off-grid island of Lambay, which are hosted by Club Facilitators and Ambassadors. Throughout these events we facilitate self-reflection and re-connection with each other and our surroundings. 


The focus is on our off-grid environment: delicious seasonal food that is grown, foraged or farmed on the island where possible; inspiring company in a unique setting where natural history, stunning architecture and luxurious creature comforts come together in symbiotic harmony.


The private island of Lambay is just off the coast of Dublin, Ireland and approximately 10 miles north-east of Dublin Airport.

Getting there is simple; it takes 20 minutes by road from the airport then 20 minutes by speed boat.

There is a 500m grass air strip on the island, suitable for private aircraft (6 seater or smaller). There is also suitable space to land helicopters.

Lambay is entirely off-grid and run mainly on renewable energy generated through wind and solar power.

The island boasts impressively strong wi-fi, allowing for productivity to continue in a secluded and self-sustaining environment.


If what you've read makes you feel alive and excited, then join us!

All Islanders contribute to the cause in different ways:

This allows us to build a rich and diverse network of creative and industrious individuals who each

contribute in the manner that is most effective and suitable to them.

For more information on the four Membership types, please click on one of the above.

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